Amenity Booking SYSTEM

  • A comprehensive facility reservation system for societies
  • Define facilities of your society that are available for booking by members
  • Attach usage rules, charges and details with each facility
  • View list of facilities and the bookings made by members
  • Facilities Manager (Administrators) can make reservations on behalf of the members
  • Members can make booking
  • Administrators can define flexible rate structures in flat rate, hourly rate or daily rate with different slabs.
  • Administrators can also define different rates for different categories of bookings - one rate structure for owners, another for tenants, another for guests of members and yet another for vendors! The charge amount will automatically be calculated when a booking is made
  • Charges are automatically calculated based on the reservation made - total cost is shown for recurring bookings
  • Administrators can approve or reject each booking (can be configured to auto-approve bookings)
  • Option to book society facility for Personal or Community Purposes.(party hall, lawn area, swimming pool, community hall)
  • Yearly calendar to check list all the activities going on in your apartment complex, the availability of facilities on particular date and time and view pre-booked events
  • Online payment facility to confirm booking in advance
  • Able to maintain the entire booking history
  • Residents can flag their presence by “Going”, “Not Going”
  • Option to invite a particular resident, a group of residents or even the entire residence, by a single click. (Email, SMS or both)

Society helpdesk 24x7

  • Members can raise, track and close complaints/suggestions related to their flats (personal) or common areas (community.
  • Complaints can be logged by a central Helpdesk on behalf of the members
  • Resident can lodge two types of Tickets - Personal and Community.
  • HelpDesk updates sent through E-mail and SMS.
  • Ticket can be assigned; status can be changed with relevant notes.
  • Tickets can be automatically escalated if it is not acted upon within a set timeframe.
  • Escalation owners for each level, transition rules can be set for each category.
  • Residents can lodge a Ticket just by sending an SMS to a dedicated Number
  • Tickets can also be raised from the phone Application

Email ans SMS alerts

  • Residents can opt in SMS and email alerts for any important notices from the society
  • Invoices and payment alerts can send to the registered phone number and email automatically.
  • Service request updates are sent though email and sms.

Inventory and asset management

  • To raise a purchase request to Admin from Manager
  • Create & send a purchase order to Vendors
  • To view the complete status of purchase requests, purchase orders like requested date, approved date, delivered date, payment date.
  • Vendor Management
  • Provides a complete inventory picture which helps to manage the complete lifecycle of particular assets, track their location to ensure assets are not missing or stolen
  • Keep track of each and every item in the premise and assign custodian.
  • Single register for all Assets in a society and related service history
  • Create Asset Groups and record details of assets like Fire Equipment, Pumps, Electrical Fitting, Lifts etc
  • Maintain data including model, make, date of purchase, expected life span, purchase cost, warranty period associated with asset
  • Helps in taking quick decisions at the time of repairs/replacement
  • Capture details of every service done on the asset
  • Maintain Service History of each Asset
  • Helps in tracking the # of services done by vendors as a part of AMCs
  • Get Email Reminders few days before the asset is due for next service
  • Guarantees preventive maintenance by ensuring that servicing is never missed
  • Decommission assets once the life span is over or when asset is destroyed. Helps maintain a record of all past assets that are no longer in use and many more
  • Track all inventory in a society like various stock items such as Diesel, Water, Bulbs, etc
  • Facility to add, purchase and consume transactions of every item, along with the date of the transaction, the quantity and the price (for purchase transactions)
  • View Statement of each stock item for a given date range which gives an overview of how an item was purchased and used
  • Generate month-wise consumption reports for a given date range for all stock items


  • Directory of Maintenance Staff working in your society
  • Maintain details of Maintenance Staff (Facilities Manager, Electrician, Security Supervisor) working in your apartment/layout
  • Maintenance Staff can be assigned Administrator Roles to delegate responsibilities - for example, you can mark the Facilities Manager as "Notification Administrator" who can broadcast emails, SMSs to all members
  • Maintenance Staff can be assigned complaints and they can update the status of the complaints, if needed
  • SMS can be directly sent to the staff when complaints are logged. For example, an electrician can receive an SMS of a new electrical complaint as soon as it is logged
  • Administrators can create any number of Maintenance Staff Roles and assign them to staff
  • Auditors, Security Supervisors can also be added to the portal as staff and given appropriate access
  • Optionally, Maintenance Staff Attendance can be tracked using Bio-metric Attendance Tracking module
  • Directory of all staff specific to a flat, such as domestic help, driver, cook etc.
  • Easy and efficient Search Facility.
  • APIs available to seamlessly integrate with hardware devices like RFID cards, Bio-metric scanners etc.
  • Visitor and Staff Attendance Tracker for Staff Entering and Leaving the Society.
  • Assign multiple gates and track movement at each gate.
  • Integrated with Staff Manager.
  • Comprehensive Reports to track the entry / exit.
  • APIs available to seamlessly integrate with hardware devices like RFID cards, Bio-metric scanners etc.
  • Directory of Service Staff working in your society
  • Attach documents (such as scanned copies of license or ration card) with a service staff as a background verification measure
  • Associate/Remove Service Staff with one or more units along with start and end dates
  • Inactivate service staff who are not working in any units


  • Increase security of your society with central database of authorized vehicles with a mapping to parking lot
  • Add all parking lots of the society with a unique number given to each parking lot
  • Capture vehicles of all residents in the society - maintain details such as vehicle number, vehicle make, model etc for easy identification
  • Either members can enter their respective vehicle details or administrators can enter details of all vehicles
  • Track occupancy of parking lots in the society - vehicles can be tagged with parking lots
  • Easily identify flats having more vehicles than the parking lots they own
  • Easily identify vehicles without any parking lot

Manage Users

  • Resident accounts can be added, approved, deactivated. Bulk uploads from excel to create Apartment Resident Accounts.
  • Admin Access to users provided from this Apartment Management Software.
  • Manager roles can be created for Office Staff.
  • Search on Any Family Information, Vehicle Information, User, Part Phone number etc.
  • manage apartment society owners and tenants information


Society billing and Accounting

  • Invoicing and record of all invoices that you have received from the association and complete account statement of all resident due
  • Maintain receipts for all maintenance, utility or any other kind of payments made to the association - details and receipts of maintenance payments by each resident
  • Easy setup and tracking of direct and indirect expenses, and comparison of expenses in past periods. Also includes chart of accounts to configure assets, liabilities, income and expense account Heads all in one place.
  • Easy access of transactions from any date and any account.
  • Reconciliation and periodical report verification.

Online Payment

  • Residents can pay their dues/advanced payment online using our payment gateway
  • Options to choose debit card, credit card or net banking
  • Instant E-Receipts to email and sms alert upon successful payment.
  • Watch dues and make payments to society for utility bills like electricity, gas connection, generator etc.
  • Options to make advance payments to housing society office for maintenance, utility, deposits or other payments

Billing & Income Tracker

  • Automatic Invoice generation against each flat for regular,fixed charges - e.g.Maintenance Fee.
  • If applicable automatically post service tax for the maintenance fees collected.
  • Options to Categories like 2BHK, 3BHK, Penthouse, Serviced apartments and set charges accordingly.
  • Easy set up of Income Heads - separate income from residents and income from non-residents
  • Easy posting of Amount Collected, with generation of e-receipt which can be sent by email, sms or print
  • Distribute a payment among open invoices or automatically assign the payments on First in-First out principle
  • Create recurring Society Bills and Invoices with this Housing society software.
  • Post Dated Cheques can be tracked easily.
  • Financial details against each flats viewed with ease, with color coded lights to identify defaulters.
  • Email/SMS reminder can be sent to payment defaulters, with amount specific to each defaulter (similar to mail merge of MS Word).
  • Residents can use the "I have paid" button to intimate the treasurer of the payment details.
  • Import dues and payments from Tally / Excel.
  • Automatically send email of Invoices and Receipts when posted.
  • Send line item of open invoices to Defaulters.
  • Print open invoices and receipts in batch.
  • Filter defaulters on ageing of the due, amount, flat category etc.
  • Very easy to use - be compliant with accounting standards without being an accountant.
  • Late Payment Interest can be automated in a single click. Simple interest gets calculated & posted automatically by the system. No human intervention needed.
  • All Migration done by our Team.
  • billing tracker to maintain payment details of resident’s/owner’s expense tracker for maintaining list of vendors, Purchase requests, Expense Comparison, Budgets Expense Tracker
  • Easy setup and tracking of Direct and Indirect Expense Heads using Housing Society accounting software
  • Expenses for past periods can be compared.
  • Budgeting for selected Expense Heads, with variance tracking.
  • Selection of Petty Cash / Bank Accounts while posting Expenses.
  • Printable vouchers generated for every payment posted.
  • Online Purchase Requests can be created.
  • Approvers can be selected and approval can be made online.
  • Service Tax and Tax Deducted at Source are automatically captured and posted to relevant Tax Accounts.
  • Outstanding dues against Vendors is available.
  • Multiple Invoices against a Vendor can be posted.

Bank & Cash

  • Configure Bank Accounts and Petty Cash.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Income Tracker and Expense Tracker - all income and expenses posted reflect against Bank Accounts or Petty Cash.
  • Transfer between accounts, withdrawal to Petty Cash can be captured.
  • Makes Bank reconciliation very easy.
  • Query transactions from all account heads (Member Income, Non Member Income, Expenses ) within a date range.
  • Export the above transactions to Excel and import them to tally if needed.
  • No Setup Required.
  • To view apartment related transactions and for reconciliation of data
  • To record all financial transactions, assets, liabilities of Apartment Complex

General Ledger

  • Chart of Accounts to configure Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expense Account Heads all in one place.
  • Journal Entries to move money to relevant Account Heads.
  • Makes Bank reconciliation very easy.
  • Free flow query to pull up transactions from any date and any account.
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements with option to export to Excel.
  • No Setup Required.

Apartmentwise Account Statement

  • A Resident can view financial details and alerts pertaining to his flat on this Society accounting software.
  • He can view the invoices/receipts against his flat and take printout if required.
  • Can make Payments using Debit Card, Credit Card or No Setup Required.
  • Maintains financial details and sending alerts regarding residents’ payments.

Utility Tracker

  • Used in cases where Members are billed based on Meter Readings, typically for Piped Gas, Water, Electricity, Diesel Generator etc.
  • Upload Meter Readings month and month, and System will calculate the Bills based on the formula.
  • Utility Dues are not mixed up with Maintenance Bills - so the Arrears shown in each of the Maintenance bills are independent of Utility Bills and vice versa.
  • Pull up a list of Utility Defaulters and alert them through Email or SMS.
  • Keep Refundable Deposits for Utilities, and return them when the Tenant leaves or Owner Sells the premises.
  • Facility to Upload Late Payment Interest, Usage charges - additional Revenue for Society.
  • Keep separate Bank Accounts for Utility Billing.
  • Configure second Bank Account especially for Payment Gateway for Utility Billing.


Document Store

  • Upload and maintain scanned manuals and agreements, ownership documents, rental agreements, reference documents, legal documents etc.
  • Documents can be accessed only by authorised personals.
  • Management Committee have options to publish documents upon requirement.
  • Documents can be stored in customised fo
  • Options for private documents and member only
  • Storage space for scanned agreements, work in progress documents.
  • Upload all scanned Manuals, Receipts of Various Facilities in the Apartment Society.
  • Once document is ready to be shared with all residents, one click publishing sends it to the Document Rep
  • file storage space for Apartment management committee, owners, etc
  • Reports from all Management and Accounting Applications consolidated in this application.
  • Very useful readymade reports such as Residents List, Vehicle report, Maintenance Fee defaulters, Cash Flow report, Expense report etc.
  • Any report can be published to the Notice Board with single click, so they can be shared with all residents.
  • Setup a workflow for tracking Move Ins and Move Outs.
  • Capture Lease Start and Lease End for Tenants.
  • Verify if all documents have been submitted by member and generate defaulters report.
  • Customize fields for your societies needs.

Online Poll AND E-Voting

  • Gather opinion regarding any updates in the society.
  • Getting owners involved in decision making process.
  • Maintains Security and confidentiality of the survey.
  • Completely auditable e-voting system.
  • The Online Secret Ballot mimics the physical ballot and has more features.
  • Only the election officer who sets up the poll can view the results online.
  • Ballot can be configured with various settings - e.g., one vote per flat.
  • Once poll is closed, the scores and attendance reports are readily available and can be printed by the election officer.
  • online polls for posts of management committee like president, secretary, treasurer, etc


  • Discuss topics of common interest - with the approval of administrator.
  • Choose discussion groups – entire residents, owners-only group or association-only groups.
  • Options to enable and disable instant email notifications about the discussion.
  • Options to include images and all advanced richtext formats.
  • Identity of the author of each post is available to all members in the group
  • Admin can enable or disable this feature.
  • Admin Forum is available only to the Admin Team.
  • Same features as that of the Resident For
  • Can control instant email notification, receive and reply to and from email.
  • Discuss Facility Management Issues and other Improvement Areas within the Admin Team.


  • Create and upload photo and video albums of events in the apartment, options to share it with neighbours.
  • No restrictions on size or number of files.
  • Optional feature to like and comment.
  • Options to share the gallery to selected groups or entire residents.
  • Options to link videos from YouTube.


  • Option to publish notices.
  • Administrators can send instant messages by SMS or/and Email to all members of a community
  • Useful in case of emergencies and/or to communicate important messages urgently
  • Shortcuts to send messages to different category of members - such as all owners, all tenants, committee members of the apartment association, administrators
  • Sophisticated filtering options on multiple fields (blocks, flat numbers, owners, residents, tenants and more) and their combinations making it easy to broadcast to a select subset of members
  • Multi-select individual members across the entire community and send a message


  • Create special interest Groups with a dedicated mailing listli>
  • Create groups for sub-committees, task forces, hobbyists or for any purpose
  • Every group has its own discussion board, a dedicated document repository and a dedicated mailing list
  • Members can interact via email or through the portal
  • Documents can be shared between group members easily
  • Helps keep the community's main discussion forum less cluttered


  • Apartment Owners can reach out to the world when trying to rent/sell their flats or when looking for services or when offering services
  • All classifieds are indexed by search engines such as google - increasing chances of meeting your need
  • Search for offers from trusted network of other apartment owners

Are you planning to have a management system for your appartment or residential area? We can help you.